Berlin Buzzwords 2024

Berlin Buzzwords is an open platform and we thrive on your contributions. Together with our dedicated program committee we want to shape a program that truly is “by the community for the community”. Therefore we are looking forward to your input.

In the following, we want to help you identify if your idea fits at Berlin Buzzwords, what types of talks we are looking for, and help you with your proposal for our Call for Papers.

What we are looking for

Berlin Buzzwords is looking for talks on

…any aspect of search: From search engines to relevance engineering, and more.
Data Science and Making sense of data: AI, ML, Data Wrangling, Data Engineering, MLOps, A/B-testing, etc.
…everything related to stream processing.
Operations / Infrastructure, including building and maintaining infrastructure, but also delivery and testing.
Scaling up (taking better advantage of a single machine, with threads, accelerators, specialized libraries, …), scaling out (distribution) or even scaling down; including moving from centralized services to “on device”.
Storing data and everything that entails.
experiments, hacks and novel approaches, but also lessons learned, generally-useful algorithms, and experience reports.
societal, environmental and ethical impact of tech.
Management, Leadership, Team Culture and internal processes, as well as Open Source & Governance.

The list is not complete and we are always happy about new and unique submissions. If you are looking for inspiration, please check out our YouTube channel to see videos of previous years’ talks.

Please note that we do not accept product presentations or company marketing presentations. If your company is interested in a media partnership or sponsorship, please contact Mareike at

Read our Call for Paper rules for more details on what we are looking for here.

This Call for Papers closed on 2024-02-25 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).