Berlin Buzzwords is Europe’s leading conference for modern data infrastructure, search and machine learning. You’ll find all the buzzwords, presented by leading experts, demystifying and educating an international audience on a range of modern industry trends. It provides a platform for developers, engineers, IT architects, analysts and data scientists who are interested in information retrieval, the searchability of large amounts of data and big data processing. Berlin Buzzwords will take place in person again on June 18th – 20th, 2023.

The conference is focused on open source software projects in the field of data analysis, machine learning, scalability, storage and searchability. At #bbuzz you can not only discover the latest trends in the world of search with projects like Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Solr and different vector search engines, but also learn more about projects such as Apache Flink, Spark, Lucene & Kafka, MongoDB and many others.